Traidcraft Stall

Traidcraft is a fair-trading company based on Christian principles in the way it exercises its responsibilities to suppliers and customers. Its products are grown, processed or manufactured by community-based organisations of poor and disadvantaged people in developing countries, who benefit from their links with Traidcraft. It encourages a more responsible use of the resources and environment we all share. It aims to satisfy the interests and needs of western consumers while affirming the value and importance of the producers own culture. The Traidcraft Stall sells tea, coffee, chocolate, snacks, sweets, dried fruit and nuts, sugar, cocoa, notelets, cards, stationary and much more! Since September 2011 the Traidcraft shop has been based in Eastleigh Southampton and I still get my supplies from there.

Contact: Sue Hill

Day: Sundays

Time: during coffee after the serviceFairtrade Coffee

Venue: the Concourse of the church