Above Bar Congregational Church Southampton 1662-1962

Tercentenary Celebrations November 1962 Souvenir Brochure – Click on the image above to view


5 comments on “Above Bar Congregational Church Southampton 1662-1962

  1. It was renamed Above Bar Church, there was a growing commitment to world mission, home Bible study groups were introduced, and assistant ministers and pastoral workers were appointed.

  2. SIXTY YEARS ago next month I joined the 10th ( Above Bar ) Boys Brigade when Mr.Grandfield was the Captain and my good mentor & friend Jack Cant was i/c of the band and I can recall Les Sivier and my best friend Peter McCarthy & his brother David { how he used to wind JC up at band practice }.
    With a truly great preacher in Leith Samuel, I’ll never forget the great times & my first camp at Freshwater Bay on the I-O-W. I managed arrange a reunion of the band some years ago and what a great time it was. I hope you’re all still well { Peter RIP }
    Tony Langham-Salisbury

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