Green Living Group

Our current focus is on action to work against climate change. You can see the declaration made by our Church Meeting in October 2021 catalysed by the COP-26 meeting in Glasgow in November 2021 here. That page also signposts you towards the different ways in which our congregation is committed to stewardship of the earth.

We have already installed solar panels on our roof. We are now working towards an energy audit of the building, as well as encouraging many different sorts of recycling within the congregation, and our courtyard has a new flower and vegetable border.  We are working closely with our friends in the Roman Catholic City Centre Parish in these initiatives.

In 2022 we registered with Eco Church in order to use their survey as a pathway to a more environmentally sustainable church life.  This is building on our church’s history of having become an Eco Congregation in 2011. We were delighted to be granted their Bronze Award in January 2023 and the Silver Award in December 2023  (2023 action plan )

In line with Eco Church and with Christian Aid, we see addressing the climate and biodiversity crises as a matter of justice, human rights, poverty, migration, food security, economics, resource depletion, national security and the natural world too – and a matter for our faith.

You can see the ‘story’ of our Church as an Eco Church here

All church members and friends are welcome to our Green Living Group meetings.

Contact: Gwen Collins (through church office)