Climate Change

The world and all that is in it
belong to the LORD;
the earth and all who live on it are his.

[PSALM 24:1 – Good News translation]


We recognise the urgency within our world to make reparation for the damage we as inhabitants have caused.

We declare our present state as a CLIMATE EMERGENCY

We have established a regular prayer diary for our church members, asking for God’s guidance in all our activities to address the issues that we are working to improve, and for wisdom in our efforts.

We pledge to ensure that our church and grounds are as environmentally sound as possible.

We shall encourage and support each other to embrace all environmental considerations in every aspect of our lives.

We will inform, encourage and support as many churches, schools, businesses and organisations as possible of the climate emergency project in our surrounding area.

Please click here to see interactive leaflets on Green Living topics

We will continue together to speak out, sharing discussions with MP’s within our area, and join in signing of petitions where applicable.

We will continue in assisting the developing world in fighting the effects of climate change in their countries, and in progressing in their own efforts to care for the environment.

We commit to establishing a plan of action to guide us forward in our progress.


Declaration agreed by the Church Meeting of Avenue St Andrew’s
United Reformed Church
on 3 October 2021


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