Committed to Christmas


Committed to Christmas

At Avenue St Andrew’s URC we are
committed to Christmas.


And we believe our friends in the area are too.


So we would like to offer you a way to celebrate Christmas as you understand it, and to share that celebration with others.

 From the beginning of December, through our church office email address
( we invite you to answer in a word or phrase the question:
What does Christmas mean to you?
As we receive your answers they will go up in one of the church glass windows

facing the Avenue, in the shapes of decorations displayed on a Christmas tree cut-out,

so everybody can see them.

We also challenge you in a word or phrase to complete the sentence: Hope is…
We’ll write your answers on candle cut-outs to be displayed in our other window.

Do join us in shining the light of hope
through the darkness of our times.