Lettings Terms and Conditions


The Kitchen cannot be booked on its own but can be booked in addition to the required hall for either shared or exclusive use.

The following charges apply. Shared use £20 Exclusive use £40.


The rooms and halls are let under the following conditions.

A reduction of 20% is available for charity and local community group events where no entrance charge is required.

The hire charge is payable four weeks before the date of use.

A deposit equal to the hire charge is payable at the time of booking. The deposit is returned after the facilities have been used as long as there is no damage and no additional cleaning is required.

Regular users who use the facilities at least once per calendar month please contact the Halls Manager.

Contact Details

Please contact the Hall Lettings Manager on one of the following

Please give details of the requirement

  • dates
  • number of people
  • type of activity
  • organisation
  • hall or room
  • contact telephone number
  • email address.

Messages are collected daily and responded to as soon as possible.