The 1900 Stonehenge Bazaar

The 1900 Stonehenge Bazaar

The primary object of the bazaar was to raise money towards the cost of building the new Avenue Congregational Church. Its inaugural service was held in December 1898. Over half of the £13,000 had been raised among the congregation and friends, with another £1200 promised over the following four years.

A fundraising bazaar was held on three days, 24-26 April 1900, and organised on the theme of Stonehenge.

As well as charging for entry to the bazaar, a leather bound handbook was produced, costing sixpence. The booklet has advertisements on each page, which also raised money. The booklet can be read below, split into two parts due to file size, and the adverts give an insight into the social history of the turn of the last century. The booklet shows the amazing work done by so many enthusiastic church members and friends.

The original book entitled “Stonehenge Bazaar” is held in the church archives, but is in a fragile state.



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