World War 1 Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour 1Roll of Honour 2


Transcription of Avenue Church 1st World War Roll of Honour.

The men on the Roll or their friends are urged to give the Minister or Church Secretary full particulars as to rank, regiment, etc., for the preparation of the complete Roll of Honour in its final form.

The Roll of Supreme Honour.

They counted not their lives dear unto themselves.” “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

During the Great War 14 of our 95 brave men who joined the colours have been called upon to make the great sacrifice. These are :

W. J. Bartholomew.                                                J. A. Jordan.

William Carter.                                                        Reginald Penrose.

W. G. Dark                                                                Dudley Phippard.

Henry John Deagon.                                               Leonard Pinhorn.

William Douglas.                                                      J. A. Ploughman.

W. A. Foy.                                                                  Ernest A. Rigby.

Owen Jardine Hobbs.                                             F. R. Tickle.

(Biographical information for those listed above can be found here)

The following have served in Navy, Army or Air Force :

E. W. Andrews                             John Douglas                              Horace Bartholomew

Cecil Feltham                               Leonard Bassett                          Harold Feltham

Marmaduke Bell                          F. G. Fitzgerald                           Fred Bellamy

Basil Hilson Foot                         Reginald B. Bowden                  Joseph W. Foot

Fredk. Geo. Buckland                 J. G. Fordyce                               Wm. Buckland

Horace J. Furminger                   Leonard Carter                            C. W. Garrod

R. J. Carter                                     Royston H. Gosling                   Rowland Carter

Ernest G. Gould                             Ernest J. Chalk                           Leslie Guy

Cyril Chamberlain                         A. J. S. Hamilton                        R. A. Chapman

C. J. Hamilton                                Leonard J. Clift                           F. C. Hamilton

H. H. Coffin                                    G. H. Hamilton                           James R. Connell

P. W. Hankinson                           James C. Conroy                        J. W. G. Harris

A. Coombs                                      Wilfred Hoare                             Harold Coombs

L. G. Hosking                                 Horace B. Cox                             W. P. Hunter

R. Cripps                                         Raymond Kennett                       Leonard Crook

T. Kerr Sydney                               W. Dale                                         Dudley Kimber

George Douglas                              Keith S. Kimber                          James Douglas

C. Lacey                                            Maurice Lane                              Leonard Nicoll

A. P. Laughland                              C. E. Paul                                      H. F. Laughland

Walter C. Riggs                               J. N. Laughland                          A. G. Saunders

N. C. Laughland                              N. R. Simmons                            B. L. Laver

Fred. A. Smith                                  C. H. Laver                                   R. H. D. Snook

H. C. Littlejohn                                 Maurice Spearpoint                    S. H. Littlejohn

P. G. Spearpoint                               W. F. Littlejohn                            . Tizzard

A. R. Llewellyn                                  Douglas Turner                          Donald McDiarmici

R. J. Veal                                             R. Mead                                       S. Widgery

H. Newnam                                         S. Wilkins                                    Gordon Nicoll




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