World War 1 Scrapbook by E A Hamilton

A scrapbook kept during the First World War by E A Hamilton.This scrap book contains cuttings from the monthly church magazine of Avenue Congregational Church during the First World War. The original book is in the reference section of Southampton City Library, although the church archives of Avenue St Andrew’s URC hold the original magazines. It was compiled by a young lady member of the church, whose brothers were at the front during the war. It has letters from the minister of the church to his young members who were serving in the forces away from Southampton. It also includes many letters from them detailing their lives on active service. Sadly, it also reports news of the deaths of quite a few of the men, and the record of condolences being given to their families at the subsequent church meeting. Due to the large size of the pdf file it has been split into two pdf files below. The first file includes the first 50 pages of the scrapbook and the second contains the remaining 46 pages. Click on the images below to view.

CoverPage 38a



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