No public worship until things improve

Dear All

Due to URC and government guidance on the current Coronavirus situation we have taken the decision not to offer public worship until things improve.

Instead, we will try out recording services and posting them on You tube so that everybody in a congregation can play them at the same time and we can be together virtually. Each church should decide what time that should be to meet its own needs. We will also email Word documents of our scripts both to be posted on the relevant church website and to be printed out by Elders/Pastoral Carers and distributed to members on their pastoral list. If these trial services work out we will continue to do this. Google typing in “Rev Sarah Hall” YouTube or a click here will get you to the webpage where Sarah’s services will be posted – watch this space!
Church events and meetings will also be cancelled or postponed until further notice.
Individual congregations will decide on whether external groups can continue to use their premises, though this seems unlikely.

Elders will still meet, but virtually. Committees will only meet if their chair thinks they should do so, and if so can try the same method. Regular church meetings cannot proceed virtually, but congregations may wish to explore church walks as a way to keep fellowship as a group in the open air with reasonable spacing between you.

If you are in a situation where there is no local support network, or know somebody in our congregations who is, please get permission from them to share their phone number and let your Elder, Mark or Sarah know in order to make sure nobody is isolated.
Let’s pray for each other as we enter this testing time, for our politicians, our health workers and those most vulnerable here and across the world. And when you do your food shopping, please if you are able to do so give to the Basics Bank.

God bless you!
Mark and Sarah

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